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Help & Info about Skype for mac

  • Is Skype Free?

    It is completely free to download and install the software, while it is also free to make video calls and send SMS messages to other users who have already installed the software on their tablet, PC or laptop. However, there is a small fee for calling mobile and landline numbers and users need to purchase credit in advance.
  • What are Skype Video Calls?

    Video calls allow users to chat in real time and both see and hear each other as though they were having a face to face conversation. In order to take advantage of video calls it is necessary to have a webcam, while for uninterrupted calls it is also necessary to have a strong and stable internet connection.
  • How Can Skype be Installed?

    Installing the software is extremely easy and users simply need to go to the Skype website and select the operating system that they are using. Simply click on the icon and the software will be installed in just a couple of minutes and a handy icon can be set on the desktop of PCs, laptops and tablets.
  • Can Skype be Used for Business Calls?

    This software is increasingly becoming a popular tool for business calls as the video function allows users to talk directly to each other as if they were in an actual meeting. This function is also a real boon for people who work remotely, as it allows them to talk to other members of the team without having to be in the office.
  • Is Skype Good for Conference Calls?

    The software makes it possible for as many as 25 people to take part in a conference call at the same time, which can save companies a lot of time and money. Simply make sure that all participants are in your contact list and you can add them to a regular call so that they can listen in and take part.
  • Does Skype Record Calls?

    The company is committed to protecting the privacy of its users and does not record video calls that are made while using the software. However, it is possible for the person who receiving the video call to record it or someone who is listening in to do the same.
  • Does Skype Open Automatically?

    It is possible to set the software so that it opens as soon as the PC, laptop or tablet that it is installed on starts running. However, this feature can be disabled if preferred, while it is also possible for users to set their status as unavailable so that they will not receive a call as soon as the software starts running.
  • Is Skype Suitable for Mac Users?

    The software can be run on all of the popular operating systems, including various versions of OS for Mac. When downloading the software, simply select OS from the different options and it will run smoothly and efficiently.
  • Does Skype Provide Customer Service?

    Customer service is provided for users around the clock and completely free of charge. The customer service team is automatically added to the contact list of users and can be contacted by SMS in the regular platform, while it is also possible to check connections and sound levels.
  • Can Skype be Hacked?

    In recent years, a number of people have reported that their accounts have been hacked and they have been sent spam messages. However, this is not a flaw with the software’s security, but rather a case of hackers using combinations of usernames and passwords to hack into the system. This can be avoided by creating passwords that are especially difficult to hack.


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