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  • Is Skype a product of Microsoft?

    This software is now a product of Microsoft, but it did not begin as such. Microsoft's acquisition of the company got EU approval on 7 October 2011, after which other Microsoft VoIP and communications products (notably the software Lync) was folded into the Skype project.

  • Why is Skype used for?

    Skype has become popular because it allows for instant messaging and voice chat in one place, including conference calling. The real benefit of this software for many users is that it works through the internet, meaning that there are no call charges, just data usage.

  • What does it cost to use Skype ?

    This program calls from one computer or other internet device to another are free, using only WiFi or mobile data, which may incur a cost from your provider. Also, it offers low cost calling plans to make phone calls to certain geographies, such as an unlimited monthly calling plan to US and Canada for $2.95 per month.

  • Can you call a phone number from Skype ?

    With this you can call regular phone numbers, but this will cost money in the form of credit. You can pay as you go or pay a monthly subscription. There is a dial pad for entering phone numbers, or you can add a phone contact to your list.

  • How many people can you have in a joint Skype call?

    This program can make group chats and conference calls with family, friends or work colleagues. The most people in one group video chat or call is 25 people, which is sufficient for the majority of users. This is ideal for sharing big news, getting feedback or simply having a catch-up party.

  • How do I get my Skype ID?

    To get a Skype ID or Caller ID, a user must sign in to Skype, then select the Caller ID tab. Enter your mobile number here and it will become your phone number identifier, which is shown when you make a call. Then, Microsoft will send you a text to set up and confirm your Caller ID. What is my Skype name or Microsoft account? Your Skype name is your username, which is created when you first join up. You may not have a Skype name if you sign in with an email address instead. If your name is forgotten, the support service can help you obtain account access.

  • What is My Skype ID?

    Your Skype ID is the same as a Skype name, it is your username that is unique to your account. You can find your ID on your profile page either on the desktop app or on the website. Can I sign in to Skype with Facebook on a mobile device? Unfortunately, no. Signing in with Facebook is only supported on desktop and on the web version. The mobile app version can only be accessed with a Skype Name or Microsoft account. This will allow direct logging in on the phone.

  • How do I start a conversation on Skype?

    After signing in, click on the Contacts tab and then click on the name of a person. You can either click Call to begin voice chat, Video Call to start a video chat or simply type in an instant message. The last person you began a conversation with will be found in your recent contacts for ease of resuming the conversation.

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