Skype, the telephone of the 21st century

Skype is the most popular application on the market for making video calls, mobile calls, and sending instant messages and SMS. On top of all that, it's now emerging as the successor to Messenger. View full description


  • Video teleconferencing
  • High video quality
  • Supports up to 10 people at once in video chats
  • Redesigned interface
  • New skype chat
  • Integration with Facebook and MSN Messenger
  • Optimised for retina Macs
  • Improved chat feature


  • New wider interface takes some getting used to
  • Doesn't support PPC Macs
  • Video conferencing is now a premium feature
  • Many users may not like the redesign


Skype is the most popular application on the market for making video calls, mobile calls, and sending instant messages and SMS. On top of all that, it's now emerging as the successor to Messenger.

Skype's functions

With Skype, you can communicate with your friends wherever they are and with whatever device you use, whether it's a latest generation phone, smart TV, PC or Mac. 

Its main interest lies in video calls, where it's becoming something of a benchmark. They're free, although if you want to make group video calls of up to 10 people, then you need to pay. 

In addition, Skype lets you call regular telephone numbers worldwide at a reduced rate, which is then deducted from your balance. 

Finally, Skype, like a good successor to Messenger, lets you chat with your friends regardless of the service they're using, whether Skype, Messenger or Facebook.

Skype's usability

Using Skype isn't difficult, as long as you limit yourself to the basics.

Calling another Skype user is really simple, and the same applies to making phone calls: the "difficulties" only appear if you want to use some of the more advanced features.

Some functions are hidden in menus or buttons which aren't very descriptive (e.g. screen sharing), which requires a bit of prior learning and practice to take full advantage of it.

The fact that Skype has become a reference point when it comes to regular calls and video calling is no coincidence: it's a real all-rounder.

Skype is adaptable to almost any configuration, webcam, and network speed without requiring anything more than minimum configuration. It works without much, and does so very well.

There are many variables when it comes to good quality picture and sound, and Skype knows how to squeeze the full potential of your system, adapting the quality to the situation to keep the conversation flowing and stable.

Conclusion: an essential program

Its functions, quality, and extent of its network users make it a program that's indispensable, not only on your PC, but also on your phone and tablet. 

As for its future, you just need to remember that Microsoft has staked everything on Skype, which ensures that the program will continue to improve and increase its market share in the coming years.

What's New

Skype for Mac has been updated with a new improved chat interface which brings it closer to the iOS version including timestamps, contact photos and the option to start chats on iOS and continue them on your Mac.


  • Some changes to refine the UI and to improve compatibility with OS X Mavericks.
  • Did you know that you can turn off all notifications, such as new message sounds, by setting your status to Do Not Disturb? This feature has been in Skype for years, but sometimes it can be easy to forget that you’re in this mode so we’ve added a warning to the Notifications preference pane to remind you why you aren’t getting notifications in this state.
  • You’ve always been able to adjust the size of text in the conversation pane, but text you typed into a conversation would remain the same. We’ve amended this so that now the two text sizes will be updated at the same time. Just choose "Make Text Bigger" from the View menu.
  • We’ve also fixed a number of reported bugs, including sound output from Skype to Bluetooth headphones and speakers caused by a change in the way that OS X reported available devices, and mach port leak on Mavericks which could lead to slowness and, in some cases, kernel panics.

Skype for Mac

Enjoy Skype's fresh new look and feel. Here are just a few of the great things you can do:

  • Chat every day with free instant messages.
  • Share files and photos for free in an instant.
  • See your family come together over a free group video call.
  • Switch between calling and messages with one click, or do both together.
  • Low-cost calls and text messages to mobiles and landlines.

All you need to get started is Mac OS X 10.6 or above, a webcam for video calls and a microphone. To get the latest Skype for Mac (version 7+), you'll need Mac OS X 10.9 or above.



Skype (OS X 10.9+) 7.8.388

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