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Help & Info about Skype for iPhone for iphone

  • What is Skype?

    Skype is a program that offers digital calls, including video chat, to its users. It is widely used as a means for people in different locations to have face-to-face conversations. It also allows the transference of digital files.
  • What hardware is required to use Skype?

    This is a straightforward question to answer, as the program is designed to work with as little hardware as possible: all the needs before they install the software and get going is a computer or mobile device with a broadband connection.
  • Is it possible for more than two people to take part in a conversation?

    Yes. Using Skype Group Video Call, it is possible for three to ten people to take part in areal-time conversation. This is a useful solution for anybody who wishes to use the software for a large-scale video conference, or simply as a means of getting a group of friends together for a chat. Be warned, however, that the video stream will be visible only to webcam users.
  • How do you get a Skype number?

    Once a user has registered an account with the service, numbers can be obtained from the official website; they are, however, unavailable in certain countries. Obtaining a number will require a paid subscription.
  • Can Skype be used without a Skype number?

    Yes, as long as one person in the conversation has the software installed. The program is capable of handling calls and communication to users of devices that do not themselves have the software.
  • Can Skype be called from a mobile phone?

    Yes, it possible to use a mobile phone to call someone who uses the software. Once you have their number, you will be able to call them in the same way as an ordinary mobile phone number, and carry on a conversation as usual.
  • What platforms is Skype available for?

    The program is available for a comprehensive range of different platforms including Windows, Max, Linux, Android, iPhone, iPad, IPod Touch, Amazon Kindle, Amazon Fire and Xbox One.
  • Is it possible to use Skype to call someone anywhere in the world?

    Yes, the program will allow you to communicate with people anywhere in the world. However, you should be warned that if you are calling someone on a mobile phone or landline in another country, then you will need to pay a small charge. It will be worth checking beforehand how much a call may cost.
  • Is it possible for a user to share their screen on Skype?

    Yes. Once the software has been installed and an account created, the user will be able to share their screen with another user. This is a good way to ensure that the conversation is two-sided and that each person involved can see the other.
  • Is it possible to incorporate images into video chat?

    Yes, Skype allows its users to add emojis and similar images onto their videos. However, this is intended simply for fun. That said, the program does allow images to be transferred from user to user during text conversations as well.


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