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Help & Info about Skype for windows

  • Is Skype Able to Support Conference Calls?

    One of the benefits associated with Skype is that it is able to support conference calls. This is very useful in terms of webinars or when chatting with a group of friends. Up to 25 callers can be supported at the same time.
  • Will I Have to Pay to Download Skype?

    One of the reasons why many individuals choose this platform arises from the fact that it is free to download and install. Thus, it may be preferable to other bundles which require a paid subscription.
  • Is There a Version of Skype Available for Mobile Phones?

    This software package is quite universal in nature. It is therefore able to work in conjunction with both Android and iOS operating systems. In the majority of cases, the downloader will automatically detect the operating system and select the correct version.
  • Are Skype Updates Automatic or Will I Have to Accept them Manually?

    All updates will take place automatically. Once the user logs out, he or she will be notified in the event that any upgrades are available when they activate the program again. There may be times when they will need to enter their username and password after the modifications are complete.
  • How Secure is Skype When Making Personal Calls?

    This program utilises a secure form of encryption known as 256-bit AES encryption. This is one of the most robust methods currently in existence and therefore, users can remain confident that their personal details will be protected.
  • Where Will Skype be Installed Within My Operating System?

    Upon installation, the user will be asked to select a destination folder. This is normally allocated to the C: drive and a separate icon will be created on the desktop for easy access. It is possible to modify the destination if desired.
  • What Platforms are Compatible with Skype?

    This is a relatively system-agnostic piece of software and it can be installed on the majority of common platforms. Examples include Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS and Amazon (Kindle and Fire).
  • Does Skype Require a Great Deal of Memory?

    This will primarily revolve around the type of operating system. However, there are some general recommendations. Users should possess a minimum of 1 gigabyte of free RAM space. At least 1 GHz of processing speed is also required in order for the program to function efficiently.
  • What Types of Permissions Will Skype Ask for on Occasion?

    There can be instances when Skype will require permission to use specific hardware found within a system. Common examples include third-party webcams or a microphone on a desktop device. Those running this program from a smartphone may also be asked to supply information in regards to their personal contacts from time to time.
  • Is Skype Safe to Use?

    This program is regularly checked for spyware, malware and other types of malicious coding. This is also why it tends to be updated on a regular basis. There are few concerns in terms of the safety associated with this bundle.


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