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"You can definitely “Reach out and touch someone” with this software"

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I can talk to friends and family anywhere in the world with this software. Its interface is similar to a chat program and easy to use and manipulate. i like the sound quality and it's similar to chat programs, you can show whether you are available to talk or not. There’s conference calling features and you can exchange files securely, thanks to encryption technology.

  • This free software is so easy to use and set up. I had no troubles at all. I made conference calls as well as calls to some family's regular landlines and cell phones. You can potentially save quite a bit of money if you have family and friends all over the globe you like to call.
  • In order to make free calls, both you and your friends and family have to have the software installed. You have to sign up and pay for Skype’s phone service if you want to make calls to landlines and cell phones. However, the rates cannot be beat and the software is free!

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26 Jan 2006

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