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"Beware of versions beyond 5.0!"

Since December 2010 Skype auto-updates, it doesn't ask for permission the versions since July 2011 do it after the program starts before it logs on!!

Problems with every update, but, if the new version doesn't work on your system, you can't reinstall an earlier version because of the auto update, it will just overwrite it. You have no control over what happens when you open the program, if there's a 15 Mb update it will start automatically & you cannot stop it! If you used a WiFi card or iPhone to connect to check messages quickly it will gobble your precious bandwidth to update itself & that could be VERY expensive.

This is such bad practice on so many levels, bordering on illegal, that it really puts the program into the "spyware/malware" category. Skype developers don't want to know what users think, their forums are moderated by people who remove posts that spell out problems. Also Microsoft is in the process of buying Skype so you know the code will continue to bloat!

  • Basically it's an excellent program.
  • Acts like malware: you have no control over what happens when you open the program: you can't go back to an older version even if the latest version doesn't work for you.

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12 Sep 2011

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