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"Extremely Unreliable over 3G .. You're always offline"

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Does Skype for the iPhone have a great UI? Sure. Does it work at times? Sure. Does it work reliably when mobile? Absolutely not - voice transmissions break up, software doesn't use available bandwidth properly so calls sound great in a solid WI-FI field when still, but any other condition results in pauses / silent stretches.

More importantly, if you try to use this software for any length of time, you realize the app spontaneously shuts down on its own. Friends of mine that also use the app are constantly going offline even though their phones are always on, charged and on 3G / WI-FI. Put simply, the app doesn't do a good job of staying online. Now, there is a solution to this I've found: To jailbreak your phone and use an app called "Backgrounder", however I don't want to jailbreak - Hence the horrible review / performance of this app ( pretty simple )

With that said, Skype for Windows is good .. Too bad this is Skype for iPhone .. A quite unusable / very annoying product

  • Looks great
  • Chat w/ emoticons
  • Works when standing still in a strong WI-FI signal
  • "In theory" works over 3G
  • Extremely annoying to use in the real world
  • Poor use of available bandwidth
  • Crashes in background
  • Doesn't keep you online

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09 May 2012

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