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Skype, the telephone of the 21st century

Skype is the most popular application on the market for making video calls, mobile calls, and sending instant messages and SMS.  It's one of the best alternatives to WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Hangouts. 

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  • Sandra Gapara

    by Sandra Gapara

    this is crappy i have trouble finding file names and past conversations

  • Anju Hora

    by Anju Hora

    i love skype so so so much muahhhhh

  • Charles Natarajan

    by Charles Natarajan

    Yes. It is good for communication with persons who use skype.

  • Mwangi Thinji

    by Mwangi Thinji

    a good alternative to other communications.So i believe this will make the best comminacation to entire communities

  • Thuỳ Linh Vũ

    by Thuỳ Linh Vũ

    good for my work I hope download to easy. thank you Skype help my in my job.

  • Paulus Kandowa

    by Paulus Kandowa

    I like it very much and it make my communication very easier with my compatriot every where in Namibia and out Namibia.

  • Andrew Mcgroarty

    by Andrew Mcgroarty

    Do you have friends or family that use Skype for Business at other universities or organizations

  • Mohamed Abdellatif

    by Mohamed Abdellatif

    It easy and simple to be used by every one in the world. I am sure ai will enjoy iy

  • RjaAizi Shakeel

    by RjaAizi Shakeel

    good and v good. i like. u know old skype is so much good working.

  • Bonita Bonita

    by Bonita Bonita

    i love it so nice we can reach our familly , frends so great

  • Gk Balajy

    by Gk Balajy

    Dear sir, I am getting confusion while skype installing. Because adds covering page and additional info. Please make it easy. with thanks & regards. GK Balaji

  • Jouni Kuisma

    by Jouni Kuisma

    Very nice app to talk to my mum in Finland :) Yes, indeed. I really like it

  • Adem Kadiri

    by Adem Kadiri

    very good, i recommend to use because it's very easy way to contact with other person.



    Skype is a good tool for communicating, it makes it easy for two or more people to be able to effectively communicate as they see one another.

  • by Anonymous

    it is a best website. it is a best website to contact with your family and friends. Pros: free cals. Cons: extra requirments

  • Yahia Abd el reda

    by Yahia Abd el reda

    nice and good program . the skype very nice program when i want to call my family i have to use skype

  • Sanath Jayathilaka

    by Sanath Jayathilaka

    very worth to use. I like to use this because low salary payment would very expencieve

  • hosein ashary

    by hosein ashary

    i am 35 old .i am a shoe designer. I think with this app we can talking with other people and spend good time. Pros: see other countries people. Cons: learning and studing

  • Redears Hale

    by Redears Hale

    good. great especially when i want too talk too Vancover or around b.c.wwith family.....

  • Yomi Al-fuad

    by Yomi Al-fuad

    Skype- to me is a mathematis made simple. I was just introduced to it that is very good in chatting and doing video calls,in which i can now chat with my colleagues and managements team on this platform ,mean while,it has reduce this risk of traveling on some issues that does not need your present. However,my view is that SKPE-is good for everybody that in life... Pros: Bring poeple closer to you

  • by Anonymous

    excellant. skype is most conviniant softwar which shall connect and establish our unique bond with our relative. Pros: skype chat. Cons: clarity of camera

  • Jose Cruz

    by Jose Cruz

    AWFUL. AWFUL a VERY BAD experience indeed. Leave it to the "plus" IT people and sure enough they will figure a way to make bad of something that WAS GOOD! Pros: So far...NOTHING. Cons: Easier UI and better call quality. Keep it S.I.M.P.L.E.

  • by Anonymous

    Too many questions.. Didn't subscribe. Way too much info requirements just to subscribe to s service.

  • by Anonymous

    Cannot print what I realy think.. Its the end of our world; how could so qualified a company find a reason to crucify such a user friendly program by replacing it with an absolute shambles.

  • by Anonymous

    Dangerous!. Skype is dangerous! My webcam does not work because Skype froze my PC! Now I have to pay a geek to fix my problem.

  • by Anonymous

    its the best system or was till it was taken over.. Been with Skype since the 1st hour after it was launch all those years ago, watch it grow over the years, but it started to go down hill the moment the big boys took it over.

  • by Anonymous

    Not good at all!. it is working as my grandmother is walking, and she is 90 years old, and has a crippled leg.

  • by Anonymous

    Unless you use it regularly, DON'T PAY FOR SKYPE. Listen, I'm going to be honest with you, don't buy any Skype credit unless you plan on using it regularly. If you barely use it like I did, they will eventually deactivate your account and STEAL your money -They have a no refund policy which of course you must agree to before ever using it, and if you don't use the account, they simply keep the mon More

  • by Anonymous

    excellent tool to meet with peoples. this very fast to connect friends and family living abroad @ within city thanks team of skype

  • by Anonymous

    Skype is the most dynamic innovation in technolgy. Skype is excellent it brings the entire world in a palm of hand