The top 5 Skype voice changers



You can have a surprising amount of fun with Skype voice changers. Whether you want to call your girlfriend pretending to be Barry White, or your boss disguised as Darth Vader, there are a few great apps for Windows and Mac that’ll help you have a bit more fun with the most popular VOIP calling service.

The top 5 Skype voice changers

Skype Voice Changer (Windows)

This is the most simple and basic voice changer for Skype, and its free. Install Skype Voice Changer on your PC, open up Skype, and then agree to the permission request. You’ll be presented with an effects panel that lets you alter your voice with a range of presets including Childish, Tremolo and Pitch Down, and you can tweak each of them using the sliders.

Download Skype Voice Changer for Windows

Skype Voice Changer

MorphVOX Pro Voice Changer (Windows)

MorphVOX Pro Voice Changer has some interesting preset voices including a demon, a robot, a woman, a kid and even a dog. You can also apply background noises like a shopping mall or traffic as you’re talking, perfect for a call to your boss saying you’ll be late for work.

Another great thing about MorphVOX Pro is the ‘Voice effects’ section, where you can apply various filters to your dulcet tones including nasal, growl, underwater, and monotone. All of the presets can be customized using the ‘Tweak Voice’ control panel.

Unlike Skype Voice Changer, MorphVOX Voice Changer comes with a steep price, although you can try it free for 30 days.

Download MorphVOX Pro Voice Changer for Windows

MorphVOX Pro1

Voice Candy (Mac)

Voice Candy labels itself as the ‘Photo Booth of voice software’ and although that’s stretching reality a bit, it certainly provides some quick and easy voice effects for Mac users. There are eight choices of varying quality; to apply them, you have to select one of the effects before recording. These effects include Normal, Chipmunk, Vader, Robot, Old Radio, Bad Science Fiction, Phone, and Sore Throat.

Unfortunately, many of these effects are poorly implemented. Bad Science Fiction, for example, simply adds a few ‘eerie’ noises to the background. The best effects are probably Old Radio and Chipmunk.

Download Voice Candy for Mac

Voice Candy

AV Voice Changer Software (Windows)

AV Voice Changer Software is designed to alter your voice to make it funny, or at least unrecognizable. It can alter your voice in realtime as you speak into a microphone, or alter recordings and audio streams. The demo is very limited in what you can do, but gives you a good idea of how it can morph your voice.

The fastest way to change your voice is to plug in your microphone and click ‘nickvoices’, which gives you a range of presets. If you’re a guy, for example, you can choose things like Baby, Prudent Girl, Schoolmistress, or Old Woman. Unfortunately, when I tried it out, most of these voices sound fairly similar and unrealistic. You can alter the pitch, tone and frequency of your voice manually in the full version of AV Voice Changer Software.

Download AV Voice Changer Software for Windows

VCS Voice Comparator

Garageband (Mac)

Garageband can be used to create funny and distorted voices in real-time as you chat on Skype courtesy of the Vocal Transformer. You will, however, need to download Soundflower to channel your voice for Skype. You can also use it to add voice effects in online games like Second Life.

Download Garageband for Mac

Whether you’re on Windows or Mac, there are plenty of options for adding some fun to your Skype conversations with voice changing apps.

Original article published on August 8, 2011.

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