Skype screen sharing now available for iOS, Android

Jacob Yothment


Skype has officially released screen sharing for mobile devices.


Skype offered screen sharing for beta testers for a while, but now it is available for all users across iOS and Android.

Screen sharing is very useful for video calling. For example, let’s say you are on a Skype call with your boss, and they need to show you a chart or graph, but they aren’t near a computer. They can share their screen with you so you can see it for yourself, while you continue your work discussion with them.

Or, let’s say you are on the phone with your significant other, and they need to talk you through a recipe. They can share their screen with you to show you the recipe, while they help explain it to you over the phone. Better yet, it can help you explain to your non-tech savvy parents how to work their smartphone.

Regardless of how you use it, we are glad screen sharing is here.

Skype has another new feature in beta for mobile users: the ability to hide call controls. Tap your phone once to hide call controls, and double tap the screen to hide everything except the call itself.

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