Skype Pro released

Cyril Roger


skype-logo.jpgThe world’s most famous VoIP company, Skype, has launched a “Pro subscription deal” primarily aimed at business users or phone addicts. The new deal includes a “low monthly subscription of €2” and “zero cents per minute calls to domestic landlines in 15 countries in Europe.”

It clearly looks like Skype wants its users to trash their landline and go VoIP all the way. However, while local calls will cost you nothing, keep in mind that there will be a 3.9 cents connection fee on every call. To entice customers to sign up, Skype will offer, among other things, various discounts on VoIP phones, a 5€ Skype credit and free SKype Voicemail. European users are surely hoping that Skype’s next move will be to offer their Unlimited deal, which was launched in North America in December, and offers free SkypeOut calls for a yearly fee of $14.95.

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