Microsoft launches ‘Skype for Web’ beta

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Soon you’ll be able to Skype direct from your browser with Skype for Web. It’s currently in beta, and has only been rolled out to a small number of users.

The idea behind Skype for Web is that you can connect on any machine regardless of whether the app is installed. It works in Internet Explorer, Chrome or Firefox, and can be accessed from Simply sign in, and you’ll be able to Skype as you would from the app. In a blog post, Skype’s Jonathan Watson explains that you’ll be able to use Skype for Web from your computer, so we expect that this also means ‘not from your mobile device.’

Microsoft launches ‘Skype for Web’ beta

It won’t be smooth sailing yet though – you’ll need to install a browser plugin the first time you use it, which should eventually become unnecessary as the company develops  ‘Real-Time Communications‘ (RTC) for browsers. No timetable has been announced for when this will be ready.

If you’re lucky enough to be invited to the beta already, you’ll see it when you sign in to It also runs on Mac OS X in Safari version 6 and above, although apparently the beta is currently a battery drain on OS X. As of now, Skype for Web also takes longer than the apps to ring with outgoing calls.

Source. Skype Blog

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