Get new emoticons for Skype

James Thornton


I’m a massive Skype fan, but I’ve always found it lacking a little when it comes to emoticons. Personally, I love using smilies and find them a good way of injecting some fun into ailing conversations. But I get a bit bored of seeing the same old faces all the time – after all, there’s only so many times you can look at a ninja stick man before it stops being funny. So, I decided to track down the so-called ‘secret Skype emoticons’, which is a set of smilies that the developer deemed too risqué to include in the program itself. Here is the full cut-out-and-keep list for you:

(toivo) toivo.gif
(mooning) mooning.gif
(finger) finger.gif
(bandit) bandit.gif
(drunk) drunk.gif
(smoking) smoking.gif
(rock) rock2.gif
(headbang) headbang.gif
(myspace) myspace.png
(flag:) – with the country code after the ‘:’. e.g. (flag:us)usflag.gif,(flag:gb)flagbg.gif,(flag:au)auflag.gif. You’ll find a full list of country codes here.

Although there isn’t yet a way to make your own Skype emoticons, a number of sites have sprung up that allow you to get creative with your smilies. Over at Skypolatory, for instance, they have a collection of Skype emoticon art, which shows you what you can do with enough time on your hands. If you can’t be bothered to program your own Skype icon montages, then check out the Skype emoticon drawing tool, which lets you produce amazing creations for copying into your chats, such as this work of art:

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